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We are very Lucky because Rainmaker Digital CFO Sean Jackson wrote the best  guide (free) which you can download right now — just by clicking the link in the end of this article.

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) — no single plugin that does everything you need, no automated bot that makes it perfect.

Successful SEO requires a lot of lead bullets to hit your target and have your site properly listed on search results.

Following the guidance in this ebook will get you started, so visitors can easily find your content.

About author

Sean Jackson loves solving complex business problems with technology. Since 1991 Sean's passion has been in the pursuit of creating technology solutions that truly change and improve the way that people and businesses operate.

Over the years, Sean Jackson has had the opportunity to lead and participate in a number of endeavors - both as a business owner and as a mentor to others.

In every pursuit, Sean Jackson's goals have been consistent - how he can help make a difference. Whether it is in automating marketing processes for Fortune 100 companies or helping creating new technology solutions for small businesses, Sean Jackson has always strived to improve the lives of others.

For Sean, the convergence of technology and marketing has been the pinnacle of his professional career. And while the technologies may change and the processes may be different, Sean's passion for helping others succeed will never alter.

Specialties: Leadership, passion, intelligence

Book description

  • Title : Smart SEO Steps
  • Author : Sean Jackson
  • Form : PDF
  • Size : 256ko
  • Pages : 9

In this book you will find some steps will help you to be successful in search engine optimization (SEO) like web master tool (bing) and search console you will find also some advices about your content ,how to share it (social media) and more point you find it in the book.