Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks from Top Websites

Profit from the sites is one from the projects where is terrible matchup between creators and only privileged and who have the ability of innovation and creativity are managed in the field profit but unfortunately there's only one way to profit in this area by bringing visitors but before bringing visitors should focus on  Member points

1-Content: content is the King in this area as mentioned above, there are thousands of sites competing so you can feature and try holding the lead in the pages of Google through SEO and see what the visitor wants from you , you should give the visitor a good experience of what you give in to your site to remember you always you as trusted site by this you win Agent 

2-website template: is one of the most important factors in the survival of the visitor of your site and determine your profit if your site is slow and bad ads sites ,don't wait for profits. So that you should start looking for quick responsive template cell phones is an important point because most Internet users browsing through their phones.  Which is what I observed to increase profits

 3-Domain: Yes the domain name is the first thing a visitor sees, so you should choose carefully so that it is easy and at the same time reflect the content of the site, it makes no sense to run a site talking about tourism, you called your name domain .and try to have the domain name consists of small words that express everything.

1. Guest post.

Guest posting gets a bad rap.

A few years ago, site owners would rush to the first site they saw. They’d write a 500 to 1000-word article that failed to offer any value to anyone reading. The sole reason for the contribution was for a link – even if that meant paying for it.

Unsurprisingly, Google cottoned on. (They’re vey smart like that.)
Google released an algorithm update that penalized sites who built guest post links solely for SEO.

What does that mean for site owners who want to use guest blogging as a way to build links?

Well, it's fine (and good), you can do it long as u want

Start you can do this by searching for industry sites. by searching any of the following variations into your search bar:

INDUSTRY + “write for us”INDUSTRY + “contribute”INDUSTRY + “submit”INDUSTRY + “guest post”

This will display a list of guest blogging guidelines on popular sites in that industry.after that contact the site owner and guest your post for him

2. Ask to be included in round-up posts.

How do site owners give visitors good value on a specific topic without loosing time to create the content themselves?

Round-up posts.

Round-up posts are, as the name suggests, some articles or tips on a specific topic. Bloggers create them all the time, and you can use them to build high quality backlinks to your site.

The best part? It doesn't take any time but it's very successful

You can Start just by finding reputable blogs in your niche. We’ll want to find those who have already published a round-up , maybe they will create another in future.

Do this by searching [“niche” + round-up].

And do the same thing (contact the editor)

If you haven't time you can use SEO company to do this work and I have mentioned some of Best SEO companies and best services