Basics Marketing 02: Online Marketing

With regards to progresses in innovation, and fast customer selection of new media and new thoughts, the conceivable outcomes for advanced advertising are evolving quickly. This book will control you through the real patterns that represent ground breaking and which will keep on moving incredible online thoughts well into what's to come.

Subjects examined include: the computerized media transformation; internet business and e-marking; publicizing on the web; the social web; online applications and portable promoting; and moral methodologies. Worldwide precedents, contextual analyses and viable activities will enable you to ace the key ideas and methods of internet promoting with the goal that you can apply them to your own battles.

Brian Sheehan's great book will furnish perusers with a solid handle of on-line promoting. Peruse it completely and you will appreciate a comprehension of the subject that will be better than numerous individuals who currentlywork in promoting. It …

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How to improve Your SEO by Using Schema Markup

Do you now that schema markup is one of the latest evolution in SEO,it's one of the most powerful form optimization, but it's also least used Technics of SEO in our days.
When you use the method of schema markup you will boost your business (website) in the search engine result pages .
As always I will teache you how to use schema markup for your website .

What is schema markup.

Schema markup is just code that you can add on your HTML page (your website) to help the search engines get more information results to for your visitors . if you already used rich snippets it will be very easy to understand what's schema markup is all about
Now you will see simple example about event schedule page ,The SERP entry looks like this:

All what you need to know is that the schema markup gives Info's to the SERP to show a schedule of coming hotel events. For the visitors this'd very helpful.
Well complete reading to know some facts about schema markup : 

Schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.

Your content usually gets indexed by Google bots and returned some search results .But the schema markup use part of your content and returned in a different from.
Now you will ask me How ? Simply because the markup inform the search engines about your content. Let's take simple example, the word "Solotechn" mentioned on an post . so this search engines produces a SERP entry with "Solotechn" . so if I put the schema markup in right way around the name "Solotechn" I've just unformed that search engines that "Solotechn" is the writer of the post not just random letters . after that the search engine display better Info's for the buyer or the visitors who was searching for "Solotechn". explains it this way :
Most webmasters are familiar with HTML tags on their pages. Usually, HTML tags tell the browser how to display the information included in the tag. For example, <h1>Avatar</h1> tells the browser to display the text string “Avatar” in a heading 1 format. However, the HTML tag doesn’t give any information about what that text string means — “Avatar” could refer to the hugely successful 3D movie, or it could refer to a type of profile picture—and this can make it more difficult for search engines to intelligently display relevant content to a user.

Schema markup uses a unique semantic vocabulary in microdata format.

The best thing is that you are not in need to coding skills. Because the web pages with markup use just HTML , the new thing is adding some codes of vocabulary to HTML Microdata.
Do you know that, the website for schema markup, was created by a team from Google and Bing, Yahoo ?.

 It's too easy that some competitors wnat to help each other, but the role of is to interindustry collaboration.
So all what you have then is just an agreed upon set of code markers that inform the search engines about what to do with the data on your webpage.

Schema markup was invented for visitors.

The visitors can see in the SERP the content of website just if schema markup is correct. All this improvement is for the visitors ,search engine exist for visitors to get the information they need. Schema markup just does exactly that

why it’s important.

To rank better in different content types you need to use schema markup , there is some data markup for 

  1. Articles
  2. Book reviews
  3. Movies
  4. TV episodes and ratings
  5. Local business
  6. Restaurants
  7. Software Applications
  8. Products
  9. Events
There's huge number of markup types from games store to  e-commerce does if you have any kind of data  on your webpage , there's big chance that's going to have an associated itemscope and itemtype.
By using the schema markup iam sure you will rank better in the SERPs than the websites without markup . statistics discovered that website with markup rank of 4 positions higher in the "SERPs" than companies without schema markup.
On this moment, one of Google's search result incoprate rich snippets, which surly include schema markup. According to neil Patel and Searchmetrics, only 0.3 of all websites use schema markup.
In other words, there are millions of websites missing out on a huge source of SEO potential. If you use schema markup, you’ll automatically have a leg up on the vast majority of your competition.

how to use schema markup on your website.

Now it's time to work (to use schema makeup). You want to own the first page on Google to look better in the SERPs .
Schema markup will help you . just follow me and every thing will be fine

1. Go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

2. Select the type of data that you plan to markup.

There are different options to selecte .for the next example I will select *articles* because it's the most common types of content.

3. Put in the URL of the page or article that you want to markup.

If you only use HTML, you can paste that code. Then, click “Start Tagging.”

Then This page will load in the markup tool, and give you the platform for the next step of markup — tagging items. You will see your web page in the left side, and some data items in the right pane.

4. Highlight and select the type of elements to be marked up.

Now you see this content, I’m going to highlight the title of the article in order to add “Name” markup. When I finish highlighting, I select “Name” from the tool tip.

5. Complete adding markup items.

highlight the other items in your article to add them to the markup list. Yusualy you won’t be able to tag every item in the list. Just add what you want.

6. Create the HTML.

If you’ve finished, click “Create HTML.”

In the next page, you will see the HTML source of your page with the relevant data inserted in the spots that you selected.
If you click “Finish,” you will be presented with a series of “Next Steps.”

Tips on using schema markup.

The goal of this post is to put you on abig world of schema markup
Follow the next technics to get the best results from schema

Find the schemas that are most commonly used. provides a lot of the most common types of schema markup. You can visit the Organization of Schemas page to see this list. Check out the types that are best suited to your business.

Schema Markup for Now and the Future

schema markup is so important. it’s surprising how few businesses and websites have taken advantage of it.
Schema markup is one of those SEO innovations that will be with us for a long time. Now is the time to know and implement the relevant data to improve your search results. Doing this in a right away will put you ahead of the curve, giving you a leg up on the competition.
How do you use schema markup for your company’s website?
Author of the article
writer and blogger, founder of Solotechn .

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